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[14 May 2005|01:15pm]

i hope ya`ll are going today :)

[12 May 2005|09:44am]

hi peeps. I typed this up for my own personal use and thought other people might like it too, so i'm sharing. aren't i nice? :)

it's all the bands sorted by time rather than by stage. I always end up missing bands i wanna see, so this makes it easy (for me anyway) to just go down the line and see who's coming up and where. i typed it up in textedit with tabs between the times and the stages which is easier to read, but tabs don't translate into HTML, so you'll have to deal with dashes... more than you need to know, i'm sure.

okay, so... rock on people.

11:00 - Third Kind - Locals Stage
11:40 - Gold Mind Squad - Main Stage
11:45 - Girl Friday - Locals Stage
12:00 - Washington Social Club - Street Stage
12:25 - The Bravery - Main Stage
12:30 - Vote Quimby - Locals Stage
12:30 - John Tab - Buzz Tent
12:45 - Citizen Cope - Street Stage
1:10 - Louis XIV - Main Stage
1:15 - Can't Hang - Locals Stage
1:30 - Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Street Stage
1:30 - Buster - Buzz Tent
1:55 - They Might Be Giants - Main Stage
2:00 - Crash Boom Bang - Locals Stage
2:15 - The Stereophonics - Street Stage
2:30 - Evil Nine - Buzz Tent
2:45 - Interpol - Main Stage
2:45 - Colouring Lesson - Locals Stage
3:05 - Pepper - Street Stage
3:30 - Plunge - Locals Stage
3:30 - Reid Speed w/ Armanni - Buzz Tent
3:35 - Echo & the Bunnymen - Main Stage
3:55 - Unwritten Law - Street Stage
4:15 - Victory Twin - Locals Stage
4:25 - Garbage - Main Stage
4:30 - Photek w/ MC Sharpness - Buzz Tent
4:45 - Sum 41 - Street Stage
5:00 - Adelyn - Locals Stage
5:15 - New York Dolls - Main Stage
5:45 - Pie Tasters - Locals Stage
5:30 - Grayarea - Buzz Tent
6:00 - Social Distortion - Main Stage
6:30 - DJ Rap - Buzz Tent
6:50 - Good Charlotte - Main Stage
7:30 - Scott Henry - Buzz Tent
7:45 - Billy Idol - Main Stage
8:40 - Coldplay - Main Stage
9:00 - Sandra Collins - Buzz Tent
9:45 - Foo Fighters - Main Stage
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[10 Apr 2005|07:01pm]

I got my HFStival ticket this weekend.

Honestly, I've always poked fun at HFS and HFStival for their shitty music. But I was surprised this year when they announced that the New York Dolls would be playing this year! It's kind of random, but I'm excited.

Does anyone know what original NY Dolls members will be playing, and who will be subbing for the deceased members (arthur kane and the beloved mr. thunders)? Will it be the same line-up as the thing Morissey put together last year? Is anyone going to HFStival just for the Dolls?

Thanks is advance.
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[02 Apr 2005|06:35am]



[29 Mar 2005|06:23pm]

Yea, if anyone wants up to date info on the festival and anything else WHFS related head over to bringbackwhfs

All you pretty HFS people... [03 Feb 2005|10:12pm]

Show your smiling faces!


[30 Jan 2005|07:39pm]


join fuck_me_drunk it's a rating community. Thought since you guys are frequent hfstival heads you'd like this. =)

[21 Jan 2005|11:12pm]

hmmm what does this mean for HFStival do you think? I hope so badly its still on :)
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hfs on the news [21 Jan 2005|10:38pm]

The story is going to be on the channel 11 news tonight at 11. it might be on other stations, but thats all ive seen tonight, so far!!!!

*for those in maryland...nbc channel 11 WBAL*

[21 Jan 2005|10:03pm]

HFS IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

[21 Jan 2005|07:23pm]



105.7 <3

listen and keep the ratings up! we can't let this slip through our fingers !!!

check this out! [16 Jan 2005|10:09pm]


[13 Jan 2005|03:27pm]

I made a community. I'm working on the layout and info right now, but post complaints and comments and websites related to HFS being taken off the air here please.


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help get hfs back [13 Jan 2005|11:26am]

Listen up, you all should start emailing bands that have played the Festival over the years, ask them for help and support...same thing with clubs, local bands...

Im doing the same...

[13 Jan 2005|11:01am]


99.1 PETITION!!!

BRING IT BACK [13 Jan 2005|10:55am]

from an email

I'm sure you all have heard the heart wrenching news about WHFS being turned into a Spanish Dance Music station. Admittingly, I don't listen to WHFS nearly as much as I used to. However, it has a place in my heart, as I'm sure it does in all of yours.

The owner of WHFS is a gigantic corporation in New York who cares about nothing other than the mighty dollar bill. They have managed to strip us of our beloved radio station. No more WHFStival, no more Nutcracker, no more silly Junkies.... nothing but holas and de nadas.

Now where will we hear our favorite alternative songs? The new hits from Foo, RHCP, Incubus and the good ol' classics from Social D and Ramones. I can feel my heart breaking.

I'm calling out to you all. I know all these suits care about is money, but we have to at least let them know what a sad day this is for all of you WHFS lovers. All those who grew up listening to WHFS, playing all the great music you couldn't (and probably won't again) find on any other station. Below is the address and phone number to Infinity Broadcasting. The owners of former WHFS. Please take a moment to write and/or call them. Let them know what their mighty dollar has stolen from us. Please pass this on to every WHFS listener you know. Thanks.

Infinity Broadcasting
1515 Broadway, 46th floor
New York, NY 10036

last song [12 Jan 2005|11:21pm]

Does anyone know the name of the song they played last???

i cant make it out
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NEWS ON WHFS.com [12 Jan 2005|10:34pm]


Wednesday Not 'Muy Bien' For Some WHFS Fans
Former Rock Station Switches Formats

POSTED: 4:42 pm EST January 12, 2005
UPDATED: 6:19 pm EST January 12, 2005

WASHINGTON -- The radio station WHFS changed its format to Spanish language dance music Wednesday after more than 35 years of playing rock and alternative music in the Washington region.

At noon WHFS became "El Zol" 99.1, playing Caribbean and Central American dance music geared toward people between the ages of 25 and 54, according to a statement from the station's owner, Infinity Broadcasting. The station made the switch to reach a growing market in the Washington area that Infinity said is underserved.

"There exists a tremendous opportunity for Infinity to launch a Spanish language format in Washington, D.C., where almost 10 percent of the population is not being directly served," said Infinity President Joel Hollander in a statement.

Infinity spokeswoman Karen Mateo, said some former WHFS employees will be offered jobs within the company's national network of 183 radio stations. She said some have been fired, but would not say how many.

Reached at home, John "Cakes" Auville of the WHFS morning show "Junkies" said he and other WHFS employees had been instructed not to comment on the format change. A woman who answered the phone at the station referred all calls to Infinity's New York headquarters.

WHFS, which stood for "Hi Fidelity Stereo" started out on the dial at 102.3 in 1961 playing classical music and jazz. But by the late 1960s and early 1970s, WHFS had shifted to a free form style where DJs were given wide choice on what they played. The station featured well known rock bands but also lesser known musicians whose tracks were not played on big radio stations.

Bruce Springsteen came to the station when he was playing in clubs and Steve Miller stopped by when he couldn't get his songs on other radio stations, according to Damian Einstein, who started working as a DJ at WHFS in 1971 and stayed there for nearly 25 years.

"Certain artists weren't being played anywhere, so they went to WHFS," said Einstein, now at WRNR in Annapolis. "We did a lot of different stuff no one else did."

In 1983, WHFS moved from Bethesda to Annapolis and shifted to the 91.1 frequency. After several changes in ownership, it was bought by Infinity in 1996, eventually settling in Lanham. It reached listeners in the Washington area, Baltimore and Annapolis.

The station sponsored an annual concert at RFK Stadium known as the WHFstival. Mateo said the Infinity "realizes the importance of the event in the community" and will "look to continue the event" if possible.

Ratings, however, have slipped. WHFS had lower ratings than Infinity's other three FM stations in the area, making it a target for a format change.

"Of the stations we own in that market, that is the one that made the most sense to make the change," Mateo said.

The switch also demonstrates the growing power of the Hispanic market in the Washington area. Immigrants primarily from Central American countries have built large communities in areas such as Silver Spring and Wheaton in Maryland, and sections of Northern Virginia and Washington.

Infinity estimated the area's Hispanic population grew 25 percent in the past four years to reach 400,000 people. The company signed a deal in October with Spanish Broadcasting System that gave Infinity inroads into Spanish language radio.

"El Zol" will be Infinity's first Spanish language station in a top 10 market, according to the company.

(Cross-posted)(from wbalchannel.com)

stupid [12 Jan 2005|10:22pm]

I cant get over this. WBALCHANNEL.com had a thing on there, that said they interviewed one of the junkies and they said that no one could talk about it. DId you all see what 98 rock put on their site??


that is messed up.

that interview also said something about having the Festival considering what it did for DC and the money it brought it...

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:( [12 Jan 2005|09:32pm]

it really is sad... join us in discussion over at hfstival.com/yabbse if you wish

hopefully the HFStival, or something similar will still go on, despite the end of the station
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