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from an email

I'm sure you all have heard the heart wrenching news about WHFS being turned into a Spanish Dance Music station. Admittingly, I don't listen to WHFS nearly as much as I used to. However, it has a place in my heart, as I'm sure it does in all of yours.

The owner of WHFS is a gigantic corporation in New York who cares about nothing other than the mighty dollar bill. They have managed to strip us of our beloved radio station. No more WHFStival, no more Nutcracker, no more silly Junkies.... nothing but holas and de nadas.

Now where will we hear our favorite alternative songs? The new hits from Foo, RHCP, Incubus and the good ol' classics from Social D and Ramones. I can feel my heart breaking.

I'm calling out to you all. I know all these suits care about is money, but we have to at least let them know what a sad day this is for all of you WHFS lovers. All those who grew up listening to WHFS, playing all the great music you couldn't (and probably won't again) find on any other station. Below is the address and phone number to Infinity Broadcasting. The owners of former WHFS. Please take a moment to write and/or call them. Let them know what their mighty dollar has stolen from us. Please pass this on to every WHFS listener you know. Thanks.

Infinity Broadcasting
1515 Broadway, 46th floor
New York, NY 10036
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